Find Open Source Project to Contribute

Introduction One of the main hectic things in open source is to find a good repository to contribute especially issues that fall under your skill sets. It becomes more painful with beginners as I went through the process of finding projects to contribute. To help you in finding good issues to solve on GitHub, we…More

10 Book for Programming Beginners

Introduction Books are not only for reading and getting knowledge. It helps to increase our concentration as reading and understanding every line needs concentration. Programming books not only teach the syntax but also helps us to think, how to write better code, how to present, how an organization works. Books are a great source of…More

Is C Most Underrated Programming Language?

Introduction C was the first programming language that I learned in systematic ways, thanks to my college. At that time I used to think about where I am going to use this language but in books, it wasn’t clean like water, just a paragraph about it. I see C is not a very popular language…More

How You Learn New Programming Language?

Introduction Everyday we came to know new programming languages, framework that needs to understand and implement. Sometime we might be stuck on How to begin learning something new technology/language. So here we can discuss methods and techniques that help you to learn and implement. My Method Whenever a technology/language grab my attention and I have…More

What is the first programming language that you learned?

Introduction Let’s discuss the first language we learned that pay a way to reach the place where we are today. The curiosity that we have regarding the developer community when we first time code. My Experience Batch Scripting Language is the first programming language that I learned but I will not recommend anybody to learn…More