20+ Trending and Popular Java Open Source Project

Java is the most used language for 2020 on GitHub. So learning Java is the best option for learning in 2021 and so.

Write Better Java Project

Introduction When we first started our coding journey. The program used to be short. The compiler was enough to know all the technical errors and warnings. We go on to solve those errors. As we kept on learning and developing projects. The codebase was getting larger, the complexity increases. It becomes hard to keep up […]

Find Open Source Project to Contribute

Introduction One of the main hectic things in open source is to find a good repository to contribute especially issues that fall under your skill sets. It becomes more painful with beginners as I went through the process of finding projects to contribute. To help you in finding good issues to solve on GitHub, we […]

Algorithms Every Programmer Should Know 2

Introduction Let’s continue the series of “Algorithms Every Programmer Should Know”. It is the 2nd Part, in the first part, we explore the 4 Searching Algorithm. If you haven’t read that please read that and here is the post. Today, we are going to look into 6 sorting algorithms that every programmer should know. So […]