Create and Animate SVG with Anime.js

Animation in web pages is a crucial part. It gives life to the web page with small and interesting element animation. We can create a path to create vector images with SVG tags in HTML.

Today, we are going to learn about SVG, create some SVG and animate it with anime.jsMore

Create Chrome Extension With HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Originally published at Introduction Google Chrome is one of the most loved browsers for developers as well as general users. I use Google Chrome across all my devices and it helps me to sync Bookmarks, Browser History, Password Manager, and Much more. For Desktop, there are many things you can do apart from browsing on…More

5 React-Based Projects Every Beginner Must Try

Originally published at Introduction React is one of the popular JavaScript frameworks available in the community. React is very powerful, and you can develop a variety of web- apps using react. So today, I am going to list 5 projects that you can make using the react framework. 1. COVID-19 Info App You can create…More

5 Website To Host Your Website For Free

Introduction We write tons of code to make an awesome, effective, and useful website. Initially, we can see that website on localhost but to make it public we need domain and hosting. Domain purchasing and hosting websites cost a lot of money. For test purposes, we can use free domains and sub-domains to host the…More


Introduction Web development is one of the most thriving and potential markets for the people who are still getting used to this beautiful world of internet. As the Developers focusing more on AI, Machine learning and Virtual Reality. This technology surely going to pay away to the future. So today we are going to learn…More