16 VS Code Shortcuts for Faster Coding

Introduction Microsoft’s VS code is one of the most popular text/code editors available on the internet. VS Code is an IDE(Integrated Development Environment), We can make it more powerful by using the extensions and it’s very easy to customize. It comes with emmet pre-built which no other text editor does and it also allows us…More

10 Book for Programming Beginners

Introduction Books are not only for reading and getting knowledge. It helps to increase our concentration as reading and understanding every line needs concentration. Programming books not only teach the syntax but also helps us to think, how to write better code, how to present, how an organization works. Books are a great source of…More

5 Most Popular Coding Challenge Website

Introduction Practice makes a man perfect I contradict the statement as it not only makes the man but also everyone perfect. So we come with 5 most popular website where you can practice language and skills through the different real-life problem that you might run in future. So let’s begin the list. Coderbyte Coderbyte provides…More