What is the first programming language that you learned?

Introduction Let’s discuss the first language we learned that pay a way to reach the place where we are today. The curiosity that we have regarding the developer community when we first time code. My Experience Batch Scripting Language is the first programming language that I learned but I will not recommend anybody to learn…More

CSS Tips To Start Thinking Responsive Website

Introduction Today, there are a lot of devices from where a user can access the web page. As the device changes their screen sizes, resolution and all. So it becomes necessary to optimize your website to look great on all device screen. Responsiveness of your website is very very important today. So I am going…More

Why Most Developers Prefer The Dark Theme IDE?

Introduction According to a survey, 70% of software engineers prefer a Dark theme IDE over the light theme. You will always a lot of dark theme in the popular theme section of any IDE. So why? Developers love the dark theme. So here I am going to list some reasons why I like the Dark…More