How do you tackle writer’s block?

There is no particular technique that guarantees the overcome of writer’s block. Every person is different and there can various methods that help people overcome it.More

What’s your thought on Web 3.0?

velopers have a contrasting opinion on web 3.0. Some are calling it revolutionary that will change the web. Some are calling it a trend that will fade in the future. You can be on either side.More

How you tackle a bug?

We all have encountered bugs either small or big. Sometimes it was quick and we solve the bug in few minutes but sometimes it even takes days for solving a particular bug.More

Is C Most Underrated Programming Language?

Introduction C was the first programming language that I learned in systematic ways, thanks to my college. At that time I used to think about where I am going to use this language but in books, it wasn’t clean like water, just a paragraph about it. I see C is not a very popular language…More

What is your one most favorite website on the internet❤️?

Introduction Internet from beginning to date is growing at a very fast rate. At every minute more than 380 websites are hosted over the internet (excluding the dark web). In this ocean of websites, we most of our time on spend on a few limited websites that we like. So today, We would discuss one…More

What’s Your Hobbies Other Than Programming?

Introduction We love coding software and it is our prime hobby but when we are frustrated and exhausted from coding software, we need a rest. So when you take time off from coding “What you do in that time ?”. So let’s discuss about our hobbies other than programming. My hobbies Following are my hobbies…More

How You Learn New Programming Language?

Introduction Everyday we came to know new programming languages, framework that needs to understand and implement. Sometime we might be stuck on How to begin learning something new technology/language. So here we can discuss methods and techniques that help you to learn and implement. My Method Whenever a technology/language grab my attention and I have…More

Why Everyone Should Learn Programming?

Introduction Programming a simple “Hello World” for the very first time made us feel so powerful back then. Programming is used for not only developing software but also enhancing certain skills. The Greats from the industries always said that everyone should learn Programming. Today we are going to look into the some great quotes on…More

What do you love most about coding?

Introduction Programming is one of the most exciting as well as sometimes stressful job to do. Despite many failures, we are still here to do more coding. We love to code and make our ideas come into life. So let’s discuss “What you most loved about coding?”. My Experience I am exposed to coding since…More

What is the first programming language that you learned?

Introduction Let’s discuss the first language we learned that pay a way to reach the place where we are today. The curiosity that we have regarding the developer community when we first time code. My Experience Batch Scripting Language is the first programming language that I learned but I will not recommend anybody to learn…More