20+ Trending and Popular Java Open Source Project

Java is the most used language for 2020 on GitHub. So learning Java is the best option for learning in 2021 and so.More

6 GitHub Repositories for Web3

You can learn the concept and overall web3 through different GitHub repositories. These repositories are rich in information, roadmaps, and resources that will help you in web3. You can also contribute to these repositories if you like to add more resources.More

How do you tackle writer’s block?

There is no particular technique that guarantees the overcome of writer’s block. Every person is different and there can various methods that help people overcome it.More

Create and Animate SVG with Anime.js

Animation in web pages is a crucial part. It gives life to the web page with small and interesting element animation. We can create a path to create vector images with SVG tags in HTML.

Today, we are going to learn about SVG, create some SVG and animate it with anime.jsMore

What’s your thought on Web 3.0?

velopers have a contrasting opinion on web 3.0. Some are calling it revolutionary that will change the web. Some are calling it a trend that will fade in the future. You can be on either side.More

Resources to Kickstart Your Newsletter

have been writing and sending newsletters to subscribers for the last 6 months. I learned much more about managing a Developer centric Newsletter though out the journey.

Today, I will share some of the tools that I used on regular basis to send my newsletter.More