I got selected as an Author for freeCodeCamp and How you can do it?

Last week, I applied to freeCodeCamp for becoming an Author on their publication. This week, I got the mail that I was accepted for the post. I shared this event on Twitter.

FreeCodeCamp is one of the leading platforms when comes to providing free coding resources through videos and articles for developers to learn code.

So, today, I am going to lay down the plan if you want to join the FreeCodeCamp as an Author.

Let’s get started.

Write Articles

In the application form, they ask you to mention your top 3 articles. To fill out that form you need to have at least 3 articles published on your domain or any platform.

They prefer long-form articles having at least 1000 words. You can write about any SaaS application or tool with code and explanation.

For example, you can take a look at my submitted articles:

  1. How JSON web token works in NodeJS for Authentication with a Project
  2. How to contribute to an Open Source project as a Beginner – The Flow
  3. How to use Crypto Wallet for Authentication in ReactJS

You can take read the How to Write for freeCodeCamp News by freeCodeCamp to get more insight and the application form.


This was short but other than writing some good articles, you won’t need anything else. One more thing, if you get rejected or got no email for acceptance/rejection then you can improve your writing and submit the application again. This was my second attempt.

Thanks for reading this week’s issue.

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