Minecraft : Game to Increase Creativity? (For Developers and Designers)


As a gamer, I play a variety of game but interactive and story-based games I love most. I recently tried Minecraft for the first time. I know it’s quite late as Minecraft is in the industry since the start of the last decade. While playing Minecraft, I realised it can boost your creativity as it’s gameplay offer lots of creativity based challenges. I am not going to tell you “How to play Minecraft” but I am going to list what I loved about this game as to boost creativity and skills.

1. Open World

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Since Minecraft is an open-world game, it opens a lot of possibilities to explore and never-ending gameplay. It offers you to explore and create more because of open-world gameplay. It also challenges you to use a lot of available resources and situation tot turn them into profit.

2. Resources Management

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If you play the game in survival mode then you will have to find resources on you. In this case, we have limited resources, this helps us to manage our resources to get maximum output. In real life, we also many a time short of resources, in this scenario we have to use those available resources to get maximum output.

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3. Crafting

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In Minecraft, using available resources you can craft different items few can be door, bed, plank, etc. You can craft more than 400 items in Minecraft. Crafting helps you to learn more about inventory and it’s management.

4. Exploration

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Since Open World, it is intriguing to explore more and more. Also, Minecraft is a never-ending map and it keeps on adding a new area on the map. You might love to explore new things in Minecraft as it’s very interesting. This can also improve your curiosity to explore different places in real life too.

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5. Problem Solving Skill

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It increases problem-solving skills as you have to face and conquer a lot of challenges. Challenges can be low on resources, defending against zombies, protecting yourself, etc. Problem-solving skill is one of important skill for developers.

6. You can build anything

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This is my favourite feature as you can build anything in the game using the resources. It’s like working on a project as you try to implement what is in your head. I love to build new things in the game and making it look more beautiful. You will also love this feature.

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I hope after reading the blog post, you will give a try to Minecraft if you haven’t played it. You can also give your experience of playing Minecraft in the comment section. Thank you guys for reading this blog post.

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