What are the best platforms to write technical articles?


One of the most asked questions in my DMs is to where put the technical articles. There is various platform for general articles and more specifically only for technical articles.

Today I am going to list down some of the best platforms to write technical articles. The list is in the best to not-so-best order. This is from my perspective.

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So, let’s get started.


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The best platform I have used for writing technical articles. From my initial days, I am on the platform. The best part is that your first article can give you tons of reach when you don’t have any followers. It doesn’t matter the number of followers, the content matter on dev.to the platform.

There are lots of improvements on the platform. The UI makes that most of the articles are getting discovered.


Start a blog for free instantly and share your ideas with people in tech, developers, and engineers. Hashnode is a free blogging platform.


The second platform that comes to my mind for writing technical articles is Hashnode. They have a pretty good-looking UI. You can connect your domain or use their sub-domain for writing articles. The UI and SSL are provided by the Hashnode. With your own domain, you can have more control over the UI and feel of the blog platform.

The thing is that it little bit hard to get reach on the platform as a beginner. Your article has to be exceptionally great to be featured on the top of the blog and lead to more reach. The UI looks good but pinning featured posted at the top hampered the reach of other articles. That’s what I think of having a low reach for beginner developers.

In spite of such things, You can give it a try for writing articles.


Medium is an open platform where readers find dynamic thinking, and where expert and undiscovered voices can share their writing on any topic.


Medium is the place for putting general articles. You can put your technical articles on it. It is very easy to write and publish articles on the platform.

I have given it a try in my initial days but couldn’t continue on it. But I have seen some awesome growth on Medium for technical articles. So, I would recommend you explore the platform.


Tealfeed is a knowledge-sharing platform that keeps users feed informative, connects people of similar interests, and empowers creators.


Tealfeed is a new platform that serves as a general blogging platform. I have been in contact with their CEO regarding the future of the tealfeed and its looks awesome.

I also publish my articles on this platform. You can get some good reach through their platform and google source.

Your Own Platform

The best platform you can put your blog.


The best place to put your articles is on your own platform. This means that you put your articles on your own website. This will make your article’s platform independent. You will have more control over most things.

The trick in publishing articles on your platform is that you put an article on your website and with the canonical URL publish articles on other platforms such as dev.to, hashnode, medium, and other blogging platforms. Canonical URL will tell the search engine about the main articles and platform articles are marked as duplicates of the main articles. This will not hamper your site’s SEO. You will gain reach on the blogging platform and you will also get views on your own website through search engines.

So, Create a website using WordPress or on your own. Start publishing on it and with canonical URL publish on other platforms.

This is how I publish my articles.


I hope, you have understand the platform and methods to use while putting an article online. Use your website with other blogging platforms for publishing your article.

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