Awesome GitHub Repositories for React


React is the most popular and used JavaScript framework. The learning path is also relatively easy to learn after JavaScript.

Today we will look into some excellent GitHub repositories to learn and ace React.

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So, let’s get started.


A collection of awesome things regarding React ecosystem


A huge list of articles and videos related to React framework. You can learn, create and prepare for an interview using this one repository.

It contains topics for the following:

  • React
  • React Native
  • Redux
  • GraphQL
  • Relay
  • Demo React Projects
  • Real React Apps

The above topics are further divided into sub-topics.


Curated List of React Components & Libraries.


A list of libraries and components that make a React app look modern. These libraries will help you in building a React app with modern web design components.

The repository contains the following topics:

  • UI Components
  • UI Layouts
  • UI Utilities
  • Code Design
  • Performance
  • Dev Tools


Short React code snippets for all your development needs


30 seconds of code is an awesome organization on GitHub that provide code snippets. They have a repository for React snippets too.

The Snippets are available on their website. You can visit here:


List of top 500 ReactJS Interview Questions & Answers


A mega list of interview questions and answers based on React framework. The answers are well explained with definitions, examples, and code to understand better.

The questions are divided into the following topics:

  • Core React
  • React Router
  • React Internationalization
  • React Testing
  • React redux
  • React Native
  • React supported libraries and Integration


🦖 React hooks cheatsheet with live editable examples


Hooks are an important feature of the React framework. Learn and play with the hooks using this repository. They have a website, where you can play with the code and see the live working.

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I hope this article has helped you in knowing some amazing GitHub repositories featuring React framework.

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