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Notion is a fantastic platform for note-taking and productivity management. I can guarantee you have heard about the platform before if you look for productivity tools. You need not to create everything from scratch, you can easily duplicate templates created by other users.

Today, we are going to look into some of the templates that are for enhancing knowledge and increasing productivity.

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So, let’s get started with the list of Notion templates.

50+ Awesome tools for Web Developers

An awesome mega list of resources to learn and ace in web development.

50+ Awesome tools for Web Developers

My latest ebook is now also available as a Notion template at no cost. It is a curated list of tools and resources to help web developers in learning, create, and increase productivity. It has already crossed 250 sales with 4.5 ratings on GumRoad.

I have divided the mega list of tools into 11 categories. Here are some of those categories:

  • Learning🧑‍💻
  • Code Editor✍️
  • UI Desing⚡
  • UI Component🚀
  • Animation🏃‍♂️

100 Days of Code Journal

Notion template for people who are doing 100 Days of code challenge.

100 Days of Code Journal

100 Days of code is an awesome way of learning any tech or starting your coding journey. You can also make a tweet about your journey to connect with other developers. This template is fantastic for tracking your journey from day 1 to 100.

It will help you to track topics, difficulties, languages, and others

Code snippet tracker

Keep track of personal code snippets or snippets you find on the web.

Code snippet tracker

Organize the code snippets of yours or from around the web into one place, where you can find them easily. You can sort them using Names, Tags, Languages, and Sources.

You can add code snippets of tasks such as:

  • Connecting database
  • Creating Express server
  • Making calls using Axios
  • And others

Computer science student dashboard

Stay focused and organized with one dashboard

Computer science student dashboard

If you are a CS student it will be highly beneficial and if not it will also be beneficial to manage your coding practices, personal projects, Internship opportunities, and other stuff that are related to a developer.

The dashboard contains topics for:

  • Courses
  • Homework
  • Code Snippets
  • Personal Project
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Side Projects
  • And more

Web Development commonplace book

This template has over 440 pages of web development content

Web Development commonplace book

A mega list of tools and resources that will help you in the web development journey. The resources are divided into various categories and subcategories.

It contains:

  • Over 270 HTML and CSS-related questions to practice your knowledge in a spaced repetition manner.
  • Dozens and dozens of useful links.
  • Information about CSS, HTML, JavaScript, ReactJS, Ruby on Rails, SQL, and more!
  • Cheatsheets.
  • Link to free tutorials and courses.
  • And much more.

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I hope, this list of free notion templates will help you in learning and increasing your productivity. Thanks for reading the blog post.

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