6 GitHub Repositories for Web3


Web3 is gaining popularity and it is the next big thing. The communities are building around it. You can learn blockchain development, solidity development, and other web3 concepts from these communities.

6 GitHub Repositories for Web3

You can learn the concept and overall web3 through different GitHub repositories. These repositories are rich in information, roadmaps, and resources that will help you in web3. You can also contribute to these repositories if you like to add more resources.

Today, we are going to look into GitHub repositories that will help you in your web3 journey. So let’s get started.


As the name suggests, this repository is created by me. I created this repository to help developers to have a roadmap for learning web3 along with free resources. It is a very simple and readable GitHub repository. The repository is good but not awesome as its lack many other web3 concepts and their resource. Along with recommending it, I would love it if you contribute to the repository for good cause.



The repository contains awesome resources to learn about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. It is primarily a blockchain project GitHub with all things revolving around it. Resources are divided into books, infographics, articles, videos, courses, and other format of resources.



One of the most popular repositories in web3 space is free-Web3-resources by Francesco Ciulla. It has tons of free resources to learn the basic of blockchain development and Ethereum development. This repository has a website, you can visit here.



One of the leading organizations that are promoting and helping developers to kickstart in web3 is Web3 Foundation. They have a grant program for projects that enhance the web3 ecosystem.



There are various branches of web3, one such is Decentralized Finance(Defi). This repository has a Defi developer roadmap and resources to kickstart in the Defi world. It also includes a list of the best tools for DApps, development resources, and lifehacks.



I can say smart contracts are the backbone of the web3. They are computer programs that are non-modifiable once deployed, and automatically executed when the criteria defined in it meet. It has resources not only for solidity smart contract development but also blockchain.



All this repository will help you in learning and acing the web3 space. GitHub repository systematically provides resources to learn and ace the field. You can easily contribute to these repositories.

I hope this article has helped you in your web3 development journey. Thanks for reading the blog post.

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