What’s your thought on Web 3.0?


Web 3.0 has exploded recently. We can see web 3.0 discussions everywhere. It is reaching more developers day by day.

Web 3.0

Developers have a contrasting opinion on web 3.0. Some are calling it revolutionary that will change the web. Some are calling it a trend that will fade in the future. You can be on either side.

So today, I would like to share my opinion on web 3 and would love to see your thoughts on it.

🚀My Opinion

  • Web 3 comes with the solution to any problem that we used to face such as centralization of data🏢.
  • Web 3 is not to replace web 2, it’s an extension to web 2. Both web 2 and web 3 will be going to stay together🤝.
  • I believe in Web 3 not just the concept but also the project that is being made under web 3. It solves certain problems. If anything can solve the problem, it will gonna stay📈.
  • It’s pretty new, but has the potential to change the web for good cause🌱.

Things to discuss

  • What are your thought on the concept?
  • What are potential threats to web3?

Last Note

I would love to read your thoughts on web3. Thanks in advance for your comment.

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