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One of the main hectic things in open source is to find a good repository to contribute especially issues that fall under your skill sets. It becomes more painful with beginners as I went through the process of finding projects to contribute.

To help you in finding good issues to solve on GitHub, we are going to look into websites and tips. It will help you in finding good issues according to your skillset.

So let’s get started.

GitHub Issue Tab

GitHub Issue tab is not only for tracking your issue that you are assigned but also for finding issues. You can search issue through various term few prominent among them are:

is: You can filtered issue on the basis of state i.e., open/closed and issues/pull request

is:open is:issue

label: You can search issue on the basis of label that are given i.e., help wanted/fronted/good first issue/etc.

label:"good first issue"

language: Filtered the issue according to your preferred language i.e., javascript, java, dart


All together will look like this

is:open is:issue label:"good first issue" language:java
Issue search

To know more about searching issue by different term click here

Good First Issue

They have a curated list of the popular open-source project for beginners to make their first contribution to open source. The list can be filtered through different languages. They have 20+ language support.

Good First Issue_ Issues for your first open-source contribution

You can find the description, language, stars, and last activity of every repository.

Code Triage

Code triage delivers you best open issue to your inbox according to your preference. you can do it by clicking on the triage issue in any repository. They also have a great list of repositories for beginners to contribute.

Code Triage

The list can be filtered through language. It has 90+ language support. It also shows open issues and descriptions of the repository.

Awesome Open Source

This website is recommended by my friend Rishabh Singh. Awesome Open Source will help you in searching, browsing, and combining 7k topics across 59 categories and 371,159 projects.

Find Open Source By Searching, Browsing and Combining 7,000 Topics

They have categorized every project according to their area of implementation such as security, networking, framework, graphics, etc.

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Last Note

I hope this will help you in finding a good open source project according to your preference for contribution.

Thank you for reading the blog post.


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