Is C Most Underrated Programming Language?


C was the first programming language that I learned in systematic ways, thanks to my college. At that time I used to think about where I am going to use this language but in books, it wasn’t clean like water, just a paragraph about it.


I see C is not a very popular language among beginners and even professionals, so today we are going to look into the use of the C language in the industry.

Operating System

Program scripted in C language gets executed with speed as compared to other assembly languages. C is primarily used in developing various operating systems.

Operating System

The operating system using C language

  • Linux
  • Unix Kernel
  • Microsoft Windows Utilities
  • Android Operating System
  • Many other Modern OS

Development of New Language

C, directly and indirectly, helps in the development of many other programming languages due to its simplicity and efficiency in the execution of code.

Development of New Language

The language developed using C

  • C++ (C with classes)
  • D
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • Perl
  • Python
  • And many more

Embedded System

C language is used in an embedded system because of direct access to the hardware level, presence of C compiler, dynamic memory allocation. It plays a key role in performing a specific function by the processor.

Embedded System

Embedded System using C language

  • MP3 Player
  • Video game console
  • Digital Camera
  • Much More

Graphics and Games

C language heavily involved in game development and contribute to the development of various games.

C language can be used by beginners to learn game development.

Game Development

Games Developed using C language

  • Old games like
    • Doom
    • Quake I, II, and III
    • Return to Castle Wolfenstein
  • Modern games like
    • Chess
    • Bouncing Ball
    • Archery

Computation Platforms

Algorithm and Data structure are swiftly managed by C programming language and it helps in faster computation. This helped C to be used for a higher degree of calculation.

Computation Platforms

Uses of C in Computation Platforms

  • Mathematica


  • Is C the most underrated programming language? and Why?
  • If not then which is the most underrated programming language and Why?

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