What is your one most favorite website on the internet❤️?



Internet from beginning to date is growing at a very fast rate. At every minute more than 380 websites are hosted over the internet (excluding the dark web). In this ocean of websites, we most of our time on spend on a few limited websites that we like. So today, We would discuss one website that we loved most. So let’s start the discussion with my thoughts.

My thought

It’s very hard to pick one website from the internet that offers lots of websites, but I will choose YouTube▶️.

Reason for selecting the website.

  • I have access to content on any topic from entertainment to education 🏫.
  • I can express myself on the internet by uploading videos on any topic 📁.
  • Through YouTube monetization, I can earn money 💸.
  • By using comment and community tap on the channel, I can discuss with the subscribers and with others on my desire topic 💬.


  • One website from the entire internet, you loved most❤️?(except search engine)


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