Why Most Developers Prefer The Dark Theme IDE?


According to a survey, 70% of software engineers prefer a Dark theme IDE over the light theme. You will always a lot of dark theme in the popular theme section of any IDE. So why? Developers love the dark theme. So here I am going to list some reasons why I like the Dark theme.

1. Soothing to Eye

Alt Text

As obvious a dark theme helps us to focus on the screen without having irritation in our eyes. The dark theme doesn’t make we go dry as compared to the white theme. During the low light situation, Dark theme is the most preferred theme.

2. More Concentration

Alt Text

Human eyes easily find something brighter in dark surround, it comes from our ancestor. So Dark Background helps us to see the font colour clearly in the editor. Also, the different colour for the different element is easily recognizable in the dark theme. It makes code easily readable because of contrast.

3. Save Energy

Alt Text

This point doesn’t sound like an obvious reason but a dark theme help to save energy. It might be not a lot of energy but still, if you are working on the laptop for a long session it can be helpful. Also if most people use dark theme it will result in a large quantity of energy being saved.

I would love to know your reason to use a dark theme. You can tell your favourite dark theme also. Thank You guys for reading this blog post.

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