5 Google Chrome Extensions for Every Designer


Chrome extension makes our life easy by providing so many features. Today we are going to look for 5 Google Chrome extension for every designer. This extension will help you to overcome a lot of trouble you might be facing today. So lets started.

1. ColorZilla

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ColorZilla will help you to pick a color from the webpage. You can use the eyedropper to pick a color, easily modified and use it for other design.

2. WhatFont

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WhatFont can easily help you to find out which font is used on the webpage. On any webpage, click WhatFont button to use the tool. After Clicking you just have to move your mouse pointer to the font and it will show you the name of the font. If you click on the font, then it will display weight, color, style, size and other properties. It is a JavaScript to detect what font in the stack is being used on any elements of a web page. 5 Netflix Documentaries For Every DesignerSuraj Vishwakarma ・ Sep 12 ’20 ・ 2 min read#css #productivity #javascript #webdev

3. Site Palette

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Site Palette will generate color palette by using all the color on the website. You just have to click on Site Palette on a webpage and it opens a new tab showing you best colour palette that you can use. Color is categorized into Color Cube, Medium Cut and Material Design.

4. CSS Peeper

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CSS Peeper allows you to inspect CSS on the webpage. You can know properties like color, font-family, font size and other properties. Extract CSS and build beautiful style guides. After clicking on the extension you can click on any element and it will display you the properties. Connect Your Github To VS CodeSuraj Vishwakarma ・ Sep 6 ’20 ・ 3 min read#vscode #github #git #visualstudiocode

5. Panda

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Panda is a simple free newsreader. Discover the best tools, resources and inspiration in the world of design and tech. It brings the most popular and useful blog from the popular website into one place.

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